Email Invoicing technology for your online shopping cart

Maintaining and managing a shopping cart is really difficult and a messy job. There are numerous things to be taken care while shipping and selling products online. Every shopping cart manager should go for an Email Invoicing services which can make the work easy and secure.

Some of the essential points to remember while working on a shopping cart are:

1. The data generated should be correct and must be protected.

2. Each and every detail of customer is valuable. Therefore it is the priority of any company to securely store the information and deliver the product correctly.

3. You need to send an invoice to your customer’s email and one to your server for securing the details.

4. The data should be sent from a secured and protected server so that it will not go to the spam folder of the customer.

5. Email and Document Delivery should be done from professional accounts and one should not use the free services of Google or others.

6. If you are using a free account then, it will look unprofessional also it will be an easy target for hackers to get data.

7. The customer is sharing their personal details with your business and it should be in the top of your priority list to protect the details. Otherwise, we cant gain the trust of a customer.

These are some of the essential points you need to remember and make sure to buy a professional account for all kinds of document and email delivery services.


Blank Excel Pay Stubs: A Tool for the Novice User

Between orders and receipts and invoices and delivery notes, the amount of paperwork handled by a business on a daily basis is staggering. Add these to the details required to prepare pay slips and any business will soon require Microsoft excel to manage its payroll. This is a unique software add-on that allows a beginner to create pay stubs with relative ease.

Microsoft Excel templates are convenient software a business can use to prepare employee paychecks as per its policy, whether weekly, or monthly. There are several types of templates to pick from, but the novice user is probably better off using the blank Excel paystub delivery.

.This is an added feature on your normal Microsoft Excel. Once activated, the software extracts employee information from the company data base and prepares required documentation for payroll management. One convenient feature of this software is that it ensures that the pay stubs generated are nearly flawless.

The terms of employment may differ from one employee to another, thereby necessitating some differences in terms of the template used in the preparation of their pay stubs. But, there is some information that must be included regardless of the nature of employment.

Federal law prescribes what should be included in an auto Invoice delivery or pay stub; these details are the employee’s gross and net pay, federal and state tax and any other deductions. Where local authorities levy taxes or rates, these should also be included. Any other pre-tax deductions such as 401 K payments should also be indicated. The desired end result is an indication of the particular employees Net Pay.

Auto invoice delivery services available for Spain

Here, we will go into more detail on the following questions about electronic invoices:

  • What is batch invoicing?

  • What are the advantages of implementing auto invoice delivery?

  • What are the main regulations governing the utilization of electronic invoices in Spain?

  • How can I transform paper invoices into e-invoices and vice versa?

First of all, we want to point out that there are various synonyms for digital invoicing such as telematic invoicing, e-invoicing, e-billing, electronic invoicing, electronic billing etc.

What is auto invoice delivery?

An auto invoice delivery is the result of the billing technique that doesn’t need a paper copy as a backup to demonstrate its authenticity. For this reason, an electronic invoice works as a software generated file, which compile all the necessary information associated with a commercial transaction, its payment and related tax obligations.

Though we know perfectly what an invoice is, technically, it is a document that reflects the delivery of a product or the provision of the services, along with the due date and the amount to be paid in consideration.

No matter what kind of batch invoicing you choose, some of the vital fields to be present are:

  • Date of Service( It is different from the delivery date)

  • Tax amount

  • Tax Rate

  • Sender’s and recipient’s Legal address

  • Sender and Recipient’s Tax ID number

  • Sender and recipient’s legal name

  • Delivery date

  • Invoice number

To abide by the rules and to make sure that an e-invoice has the same legal validity as the paper invoice, the corresponding electronic document should have the same mandatory fields as any other invoice, should be signed with an electronic signature according to the recognized certificate and should be sent from one computer to another with the mutual consent of the parties.

Electronic document delivery systems- Effective Commerce

As more and more companies are looking to lower administration costs while continuing to meet their targets, many neglect the financial and environmental rewards of electronic document management.

We live in an era where everything should be eco-friendly, faster and obviously, cost-effective. So developing systems and plans for document delivery, like remittance advice, invoice and other receivables, is important.

Efficient email invoicing and systems can automate and contour a company’s entire account procedure. Allowing business entities to automatically capture purchase orders and issuing the invoices to controlling debtors and collecting payments electronically online is a mandatory requirement for any business looking to be green and contoured.

By introducing an email invoicing system, which integrates with existing ERP planning or invoicing software systems, a business can deliver a paperless and economic electronic invoicing procedure to their customers know as e-billing.

Along with lessening workforce, material and delivery charges associated with paper based invoicing; business entities derive the advantage by lessening errors, enhancing settlement times and improved brand visibility. But it’s not just business entities that gain in this situation; e-billing truly ensures a win-win scenario for both the customers and business entities.

Customers also benefit tremendously from this combined service, basking instant delivery or accessing their accounts, online or electronic storage, download features and a much more effective dispute resolution procedure.

Main features of email invoicing

  • Simple to use web screens with corporate branding

  • Ascendable multi-lingual and multi-currency opportunities

  • Range of reporting attributes including status of the document

  • Automated debtor control and notification

  • Full document archiving with search and store related features

  • Customers may download and interact with data in multiple formats

  • Real-time management of all the transactions and documents for customers

  • Send e-invoices in a hassle free manner.

How Effective Document Delivery System Has Become

Which came first: the chicken or the egg?

Didn’t understand how it is related to the topic?

Well, it isn’t. It was for fun. But, the topic isn’t for fun. It’s quite serious for your office.

Identifying the problems and finding relevant solution for them helps a business flourish. Similarly, an office has several pain points that need a remedy – a temporary or permanent one. Therefore, working on a permanent solution seems rather useful.

When documentation becomes automated, huge problems are resolved. Remember the old times, when separate invoice-making and delivery took a great lot of time. As a result, a business remains low on efficiency. But, the day Email invoicing took place, efficiencies have automatically increased.

The software tool we are talking about is basically the document burster, which helps send Emails to multiple recipients at the same time. As we already know, separate invoicing is a tedious process and consumes time unnecessarily. To prevent such wastage of time, an automated document delivery system helps. This system is laced with the latest features, probably benefiting in a huge manner.

Considering faster processing, navigation, Email invoicing, compatibility and other issues, we can discover how effective this software tool can be. Quite a number of software vendors have come up with their “distinctive” versions of document burster. To evaluate these, one will definitely want to run a trial. Hence, the buyers who want to integrate such systems with their existing software office should request for a trial version. Citing an example, the has offered 45-day FREE trial version, which will help anyone to examine the performance and effectiveness of the software tool.

Before and After Scenarios of Auto Invoice Delivery System

In the fast moving world, the automated systems have definitely weeded out maximum irregularities that were present due to manual execution. As of now, the companies that have introduced automation at workplace benefited in multiple ways. However, a good lot of small and medium companies are yet to avail the benefits of automated software tools.

Invoice E-mailing is a tedious task that a majority of companies have to perform day-in and day-out for timely revenue collection. We showcase some before and after scenarios regarding Auto Invoice Delivery system.

Before Scenario:

Manual efforts spent in sorting, collating, enveloping and delivery of invoices.
Unnecessary time consumping due to maximum manual intervention.
Excessive costs due to paper, printing and courier services.

After Scenario:

Automation allows immediate E-mailing of invoices to customers anywhere.
One-time document delivery without frequent manual intervention.
No requirement of paper, printing and courier services at all.

Notably, the offices would spend overtime in sending invoices to customers and it affected business performance as well.

Modern-day paystub delivery system allows proper representation of paycheck details, which include salaries, taxes, allowances, etc. Technically, the work that took ample time of a business is managed in a few minutes.

PDF-eXPLODE offers an exemplary software tool for automated document delivery. Not only you can utilize its features, but invigorate your business with the help of it. The vendor offers you a free trial of 45 days to experience the benefits of this software tool.

How Crystal Reports Bursting Can Increase Your Profit!

Being a small-business owner keeps you “busy” all the time with different responsibilities. And, sending invoices to the clients is one of them. From a technical point of view, it is important for your business to earn timely revenues, but from the rest of the aspects, it is boring! Yes, who would want to write, print and send various invoices to different customers unless it wasn’t for collecting money!

However, an automation tool for Email invoicing will make it simple. Particularly, a tool named PDF-eXPLODE for crystal reports bursting is growing popular till date. It gives you enough power with its features that you can increase your profit by cutting down irrelevant costs.


Here’s how it has been successful:

1. Automated bulk delivery – Have a long list of customers to deliver invoices? Leave it to the Document burster tool that makes everything simplified. Indeed, you can send personalized invoices in bulk to individual recipients.

2. No compatibility issue – Several users complained about their automation tools not being compatible with their existing business software. On the contrary, PDF-eXPLODE is an impeccable that can connect with any business software.

3. 45-day Trial – Consumers have a problem when they don’t have the capability to observe a product personally (that happens in my case too!). But, the provider’s 45-Day 100% No Risk Trial will impress you directly. Since you will have this opportunity to use the tool for bursting and sending invoices, you can judge its performance and versatility in getting your job done.

You save around 40% of costs when you use this automated tool. In addition, you will have the rest of time to focus on running your business operations.